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If You’re A Coach Or Considering Becoming One, Remember This…

I believe coaching is the most powerful force for change on Earth and here’s why I believe that. When a person is ready to make a change in their life, they have a few options. They could either… 1 – Go out and try to make the changes on their own, which some people are […]

Productivity Advice From A Billionaire

Putting in a ton of hours writing articles, going to networking events, keeping your social media up to date, and building online funnels may feel like the right thing to do for your business. But, if you’re still struggling to fill your coaching practice and make money, it may be a waste of your time. […]

Why You Can Never Let “Not Enough Money” Block You From Your Coaching Destiny

I’m about to share an ultra inspiring story with you. One I hope will help you if you are struggling to generate money in your business and bring in high paying clients. First, let me ask you this… Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough money to succeed as a coach? That, if […]

5 Mindsets To Master To Make Your Success Inevitable

I believe your success is inevitable. Like the saying goes, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.” Over the last 15 years as a coach and business owner, I can tell you it’s true and more often than not it has to do with mastering a new mindset. […]

60 Second Trick Will Help You Land Clients After A Fumble

Do you ever fumble the ball, so to speak, when you’re talking to potential clients? It may happen right at the beginning of your session. Or, it could happen somewhere in the middle. If you ever run into this kind of situation where you fumbled your way through, then you’re going to love this… You’re […]

Why Struggling Is A Sign You’re On The Right Track… And The #1 “Trick” To Move Past It Fast Forward Into Wild Success

If you are currently struggling to get clients and make a name for yourself in your industry or have ever struggled in the past with it, read this article from beginning to end. I’m going to share with you what “the struggle” actually is, why it’s a good thing that it’s happening to you, and […]

How To Use Birdseed To Get Clients

Thinking back a few years ago on a trip I took to Costa Rica, I remember this remarkable lesson I learned about getting clients. It was my last day of vacation there and I was sitting in the “Plaza De La Cultura” watching people feed the birds. I couldn’t help but remember how the children […]

Why Coaches Should Find Joint Venture Partners

Picking out a strong circle of joint venture partners (also called JV partners) is an important expansion strategy to add to your business. Instead of trying to maximize the results of your business alone, you use the influence of others to help broaden your reach. Think of it as building your close circle of friends. […]

2 1/2 Half Ways To Become A Highly Sought After Coach

When I first started out as a coach, I knew I wanted to help people. I knew I had a great big heart and a natural ability to help people get the results they wanted, but I struggled to get clients. Why? When I look back now, I can see the reason so clearly. It’s […]

Never make this mistake with “Positive Thinking”

How many times have you heard the importance of “mindset” in our industry? Probably several times since “positive thinking” is one of the pillars of coaching. Let’s look a little closer at what positive thinking is. Instead of thinking ‘I’m a failure’, we’re told to think, ‘I’m a winner’. Instead of thinking ‘I look terrible’, […]

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