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Why Coaching Is The Most Powerful Influence On Human Evolution

Do you want to see the ‘Big Picture’ of how coaching impacts people and the whole world? Check this out… (I think you’re going to love this!) *** How coaching impacts people. *** Have you read the book ‘Power vs. Force’ by Dr. Hawkins? In this book, he lays out a ‘map of consciousness’. This […]

Here Are The *Exact* Words To Say When Someone Asks, “What Do You Do?”

Here are the *exact words* to say to get clients. I’ll share them with you in a second, but first here’s my personal “blood bath” story of “networking event terror”… How do you feel when people ask, “so, what do you do?”… Do you feel confident because you know exactly what to say to end up […]

How To Super-Grow Your Coaching Business…Times 10!

When it comes to making a success of your coaching business, can you do it on your own? For that matter, can anyone succeed at anything completely on their own? My answer to these questions might sound like waffling, because I can truthfully answer ‘yes and no’. So let me explain … No, we can’t […]

How To Reclaim Your Time (And Sanity) Without Feeling Guilty

If you want to take control of your time, one of the best things you can do is learn to say “no”. Why? Because, people want to fill up your time, and it’s up to you to keep your time for what you want to spend it on. If you had an extra 2 hours a day or an extra day in the […]

3 Secrets To Grow A Big Email List

An email list is like a waiting list of coaching clients who all want to work with you. When you grow and nurture your email list and bond with the people who have signed up to hear more from you, something magical happens… Clients respond and sign up to work with you as quickly as […]

How To Deliver An Incredibly Powerful 1st Coaching Session

Of all the coaching sessions you do (after a client has signed up), the first session is by far the most important. This is when your client is really sizing you up and wondering… => Was my investment really worth it? => Is this really going to change my life? => How is having a […]

Build A Massive Following of Fans, Followers, and Friends With This Big List Blueprint…

We’ve all heard it said before… “You’ve got to have a list if you want to make a big impact.” “You need a big list if you want to sell your products and programs to the masses.” “If you’re not building an email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake.” And, no matter how true those […]

The Mindset Mantras That Make You A Magnet To Clients, JV Partners & Friends…

Can you imagine how fast you could grow your business if everyone suddenly started promoting & supporting you…? What if all your friends, family, followers, mentors and even the ‘big name gurus’ started raving about you on Social Media and to their email lists…? I’m blessed to have that be a reality for me now, […]

How to Get 6000 Subscribers in 18 Months

Have you heard that having a BIG email list of potential clients is a great asset to your coaching business? Well, it’s true! With a healthy size email list, you can… send out offers for free coaching sessions and get dozens of potential clients wanting to have a session with you. have your own wildly […]

The #1 most popular personal growth book

This month’s book recommendation is so popular I almost didn’t recommend it because most everybody has probably already read it. However it’s too good to not recommend. I’ve read it 4 times and it gets better with each read. If you have read this book already in this video I share insights about the behind […]

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