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I Beat Goliath

Have you ever heard the story of David and Goliath? It’s a story from the Christian bible, but you don’t need to be religious to relate. In a nutshell, it’s about a young boy named, David, who against all odds faced the giant, Goliath (who terrorized the area) and beat him. By all logic, the […]

This 1 Question Made Me Phenomenally Wealthy

One of my favorite things to do is surprise and delight people. There’s just nothing like giving someone something that they weren’t expecting and they become happier, or better off in some way because of it. For instance, I scored some tickets to the Emmy’s. So, guess what I did? I took a group of my […]

Why I got fired (trust me, I totally deserved it)…

Have you ever messed something up really bad and thought to yourself? “Wow, there’s something wrong with me…” When we mess things up, it’s so easy to feel ashamed, and to take that one problem and globalize it to our whole identity. We can be quick to think things like… “I’ll never succeed.” “No one […]

Stupid Stuff Coaches Do

  I was guilty of doing a lot of stupid stuff during the first years of my coaching business. Most of it was because of all the bad advice I got on how to build and sustain a profitable coaching business. The thing about not knowing something is that you usually end up paying for […]

How Fears Can Cost You Clients, Money, Success, and Happiness

Is there something you know you need to do to get coaching clients, but you’re not doing it? Maybe it’s… Attending a networking event Making follow up calls to people you met at a networking event Or perhaps it’s… Making cold calls (yes, some coaches do this and get a lot of clients from it) […]

How To Make Your Coaching Sound Enticing Like This

The #1 key to building a coaching business empire. One where you move beyond just 1-on-1 coaching to hosting sold out live events, writing #1 best-selling books, doing blockbuster product launches, leading high-end masterminds, and being seen as a major authority in your field is this… Offer a specific result. The more clear you are […]

The Get-More-Clients Formula

  How do you respond when people ask, “What do you do?” (1) Do you feel confident because you know exactly what to say to end up with new clients? Or… (2) Do you freeze up, get nervous, and try your best to fumble through with an explanation and get ZERO clients from it? (If […]

Ideal Coaching Age

Often people want to know what I think about these 2 things… “How young is too young to get started as a professional coach?” or… “Am I too *old* to get started in professional coaching?” Now… Even if you’re not one of “these people,” my answer to this question about “age” will still apply […]

Fix These 4 Mistakes To Drive Growth In Your Coaching Business

Here’s a really short, but powerful clip for you that I think you’ll find valuable. It’s from my Big Money Business Coach live event a couple years back where I share 4 major mistakes business owners make with their employees. You’re free to use this with your business owner clients, if you’re a business coach. […]

Where To Snatch Up Your Ideal Coaching Clients

“Being found by clients may seem hard, but people are already looking for you.” What I hear most from coaches as they grow their coaching businesses is that they struggle to be discovered by their ideal clients. They may try things here and there, but aren’t getting the momentum they really want.  In reality, it’s […]

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