They Want Results, Not a Certification

The blinking cursor on the Google search bar popped the letters as I typed: certification on coaching. 1 million results. 1 million possibilities. Endless doubts. Would I ever be successful as a coach if I don’t know where to start? Many coaches are spending a lot of time getting certified. And I can see why. […]

🤑💰More money, more problems? 😡

Ever had thoughts like these? I feel like I have so much life experience to give and share, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get paid what I deserve. Having MORE than enough money is somehow scary, unnecessary, and SELFISH. It’s not that I hate money, but I don’t think I trust […]

😱 It’s too late now 🤯You CAN’T go back now

Do you ever… wonder if the things you’re doing are actually working? get frustrated because you are still dealing with the same old issues? worry because you are not where you thought you “should” be by now, especially after all the work you’ve done so far? The better question might be: Are you making progress? […]

The Fast, Easy Way to Manifest Your Deepest Desires

During the month of March, my team and I focus on MOMENTUM. If manifestation and momentum are of interest to you, I’d love to invite you to join us! You see, momentum = fast manifestation. And fast manifestations are super fun — and incredibly exciting. Imagine what it would be like if you had a […]

Have YOUR plans ever gone sideways?

Plans gone sideways

Something was wrong. I could tell right away. It was Wednesday, Feb 23rd. A day I had been eagerly looking forward to. Anticipating. Preparing mentally, spiritually, and physically for. But instead of jumping out of bed in excitement, I felt very “off”. Maybe it was just a passing thing? No, I realized I was really […]

HEALING: Ever Struggle to Finish Projects…?

Do you ever: Have unexplained aches/pains in your body? Struggle to complete things? Perhaps you get A LOT of things started. Or you may have a lot of energy when getting started. But when projects get to the point where they could turn into something great, you fizzle out of steam. Or, you start something […]


Isn’t it interesting how we push away the things we truly desire? Even the things we most VALUE and hold dear to our hearts? Sometimes we go as far as pushing things away that make us HUMAN. Basic things. Passion. Acknowledgment. Family. Ambition. Desire. Love. Maybe it’s because of fear of disappointment in case they […]

My New Secret Wealth Mantra

Over the last few months I’ve been using a new “Secret Mantra” that has not only resulted in me tripling my business over the last year, but also makes me feel WAY more gratitude each day… I’ve started saying it all the time – and you might like to try it out too. (Muscle-testing or ‘kinesiology’ […]

#1 Secret To Working Less & Earning More

I made this fascinating video for you that shares the #1 secret to working less and earning more. It has virtually nothing to do with time management and everything to do with a very interesting paradox about time. Check it out and leave a comment below letting me know what you think. Big Love, Christian

Is Your Success Inevitable?

I believe every goal you set, every result that you want to achieve, and every desire that you would like to fulfill will inevitably come true IF… You do the 2 things that I recommend in this video. Watch it now and leave a comment below. I’d love to know what you think. Big Love, […]