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HEALING: Ever Struggle to Finish Projects…?

Do you ever:

  • Have unexplained aches/pains in your body?

  • Struggle to complete things?
    Perhaps you get A LOT of things started. Or you may have a lot of energy when getting started. But when projects get to the point where they could turn into something great, you fizzle out of steam. Or, you start something else instead.

  • Get so used to being go-go-go on the move that you can’t remember what PEACE feels like?

  • Feel very conflicted when making an important decision?

This is the video for you.

I encourage you to follow along and actually DO the techniques shared. You see, energy healings happen in the quantum space outside time and space. That means you can also heal yourself by following the processes shared in the recording.

This clip is from a LIVE event where I used the IMM (Instant Miracle Technique) and the Peace Process. These help clients heal fears, doubts, limiting beliefs…and even physical issues.

Join us as I jump right in with Bill. 

I have him focus on where he feels particular feelings in his body. That’s the beginning of the “Peace Process”

Then, I support him by using the “Instant Miracle healing breath” (which looks a lot like a yawn) to speed his healing along.

I shared the 4 types of work styles and how these styles can keep different types of people from finishing projects unless you do this…

You hear me mention Bill scored under a 2 on the ‘Time Abundance Assessment’ before our work together. 

What is YOUR score?

Of course, awareness is the first step. Awareness allows you to identify anything that may not be working in your life right now. Then you can heal it and finally change it for good.

You're welcome to see how Time Abundant you are by taking this free assessment online.

IF you follow along with the video, you could heal some issues that may have been holding you back.


With all the love in my heart,

  1. Please be sure to post a comment with your insights, feedback, or questions below. I’d love to know what you think!

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