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Ever Struggle to Finish Projects…?

Can't finish projects? Have back pain?

Watch Bill get healed of both of these in just a few minutes.

This clip is from one of my live events where I use the Instant Miracle Technique and the Peace Process to help people heal fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, and even physical issues.

As I jump right in with Bill I have him focus on where the feeling is. That’s the beginning of the “Peace Process” (which he has already watched me do several times with others).

Then I use the “Instant Miracle” healing breath (which looks a lot like a yawn) several times throughout to speed things along.

As all of that is happening I also share the four types of work styles and how that can keep certain types of people from finishing projects.

And if you hear me mention Bill scored under a 2 on the Time Abundance Assessment, you're welcome to see how Time Abundant you are by taking this free assessment online.


Big Love,

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