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Where To Snatch Up Your Ideal Coaching Clients

“Being found by clients may seem hard, but people are already looking for you.”

What I hear most from coaches as they grow their coaching businesses is that they struggle to be discovered by their ideal clients. They may try things here and there but aren’t getting the momentum they really want.  In reality, it’s actually pretty easy to be found.

Clients just have to hear about you and there is an abundance of ways that that can happen.

How can people hear about you?

Thanks to tools like the internet and other avenues, you can plan out your entire calendar with exact strategies for being seen by clients.

Here’s how you can get started on getting clients to hear about you.

As you read the list and strategize how to implement it into your own business, be sure to think like your clients would think. What top of mind problems are they facing right now that they can’t seem to solve on their own? Then, communicate the outcome you’ll help them achieve.

Where Clients Can Hear About You

#1 Referrals

Referrals are one of the strongest ways for clients to learn about you because it isn’t you promoting yourself. It’s someone else promoting you, instead.  Friends, family, colleagues, current clients, and business associates can be sources for referrals. Make it clear what it is you do and ask for referrals. That way if they come across someone experiencing the challenges you help people with, you’ll be at the top of their mind.

Tip:  When you help a client have a breakthrough, be sure to ask for either a written or video testimonial. Share your successes with your network (friends, family, colleagues, etc.). This way when they do talk about you to others, they can recall “actual events” you’ve dealt with.

#2 Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn Groups

Leverage the power of social media groups and communities by letting it be known what it is you do. Be careful when doing this… You don’t want to come across as spammy. That’s the fastest way to get ignored. Instead, take time to hear people’s problems and provide a silver lining of hope.

If you’re giving away a lot of information and are very active in groups, but no one is responding to you, it’s time to troubleshoot.

You may be giving away too much information, and not leaving enough curiosity for people to reach out. Another problem could be your offer. Do you make free session offers? If you’re not, you should be (be sure to check each group's rules to make sure this is okay).

Tip: Be sure you’re a part of the same groups your clients hang out in, not your colleagues and peers (unless they are your ideal clients). 

#3 Local networking events

I can’t tell you how many coaches have gotten new clients at networking events. I’ve met some coaches who got clients without even trying. Once people hear about what you do, they approach you.

Just like #2, you want to let people know what you do.  By being local, people may be more inclined to do business with you.

#4 Events where you’re a guest speaker

By being a guest speaker on stage, you’ll be automatically seen as an expert.

Tip:  No guest speaker opportunities yet? This is a great time to start drumming them up. People are always looking for guest speakers with certain expertise. You can try MeetUp Groups, associations and other organizations letting them know what you do and that you’d like to guest speak on XYZ topic – at no charge. This works for webinars and teleseminars as well.

#5 Facebook and Google Ads

Although this costs more than the ones above, it’s a good avenue to take when you’re starting from scratch with no email list. You can offer a free “____ Breakthrough Session” (fill in the blank with your hot offer) and people will flock to you.

#6 Print Media Ads

Even though online marketing is huge, there’s still power in print media ads. While everyone’s ditching print media ads, you can be one of the few in your industry who snatches up that audience.

Tip: Go with publications that cater to your niche. And, make sure your offer is hot!

#7 Recommendations from huge influencers

It’s surprising how willing even the most influential people are to recommend others. If you offer something that compliments what they do, or if you’ve been building a relationship with them for a while, ask for recommendations.

#8 YouTube Video

People are searching for inspiration, entertainment, and solutions all the time on YouTube. Leverage that platform by posting videos related to your client’s problems.

Implement the 8 steps above and word about you will spread like wildfire.

Next Steps…

Now that you know how to get people to hear about you, it’s time to put a plan into action.

Commit to doing the things listed above in your business. You can do one of these strategies per week, or every two weeks and then switch it out. Keep doing them in a cycle.  I wouldn’t recommend trying them all at once unless you have help because it may overwhelm you.

Another thing, be consistent and stick with it. It may take several tries before you start seeing a difference. But, soon you’ll start to notice a buzz circulating for you.

Now, I want to hear from you. What from the list above have you tried already? What haven’t you tried? And, which one of these are you going to start trying in your business first?

Go ahead and chime in!

Big Love,

ps. If this was valuable to you, please share it with others.

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