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This 1 Question Made Me Phenomenally Wealthy

One of my favorite things to do is surprise and delight people. There's just nothing like giving someone something that they weren't expecting and they become happier, or better off in some way because of it.

For instance, I scored some tickets to the Emmy's. So, guess what I did? I took a group of my premium clients with me. Check us out looking fly…

Totally unexpected for them!  And that's what I've found has worked really well in my life and business over the years.

Finding ways to give people more.

While working with my clients inside my More Money Group Coaching program, I covered 4 steps to getting more money. (Are you ready? I'm about to give you something you weren't expecting.)

Step #3 had a lot of nuggets. One of them being, get on a generosity, value-generating mission. Meaning any opportunity you see where you can add value, do it. In your job, in your business, in your love life. Anywhere!

That's when I shared the #1 question I asked myself that made me very wealthy.

What was the question?

“How can I create more value and add more value?”

Once I started to ask that question, a paradigm shift happened. I stopped focusing on how to make things fair between the services I delivered and what my clients were paying. I realized that I needed to see how I could tip the scales so far in their favor, they couldn't help but notice.

This changed everything. I became dramatically more successful with my 1-1 clients, group coaching clients and product launches. Doors that were once closed to me opened up and a lot more money began to pour into my life.

Now, when you start doing this, here's a mistake you don't want to make…

Don't keep count. Don't keep score. If you do this, you're setting yourself up for failure because the benefits may not show up when or how you expect them. Just start giving more and don't worry about the rest.

Before the session ended, one of the students asked how he could apply this question to his own coaching business. I told him that one of the easiest ways is to end each session by asking his clients what they found most valuable.

Pay attention, because this is a powerful question and here’s why. It does 2 things…

  1. It reminds your clients what they are getting and reinforces the value that you’re providing.
  2. It shows you what you need to focus on during the next session.

You can generate more value in any kind of business and even if you work for someone else.

If you have your own business, see how you can create more value for your customers and clients. Find ways to delight them and give them more of what they want.

If you have a job, add more value to the company or business you're at. Show up on time. Do what you say you're going to do. Be reliable. Get advanced skills, so you can bring more to the table and go the extra mile. Instead of sitting back and waiting for an evaluation, ask your employer or team leader how you can contribute more.

Now once you start to add the value, I teach my students another important element that I'll briefly mention here.

Be really good at communicating that value. Communicating or demonstrating the value effectively is just as important as generating the value. There may be times when people don't see it, don't get it, or don't realize it. So you have to communicate the value that you offer so they do get it.

This will make you virtually indispensable.

Today start asking yourself how you can create more value. Let me know what you come up with in the comments below.

Big Love,

ps. If you know anyone else that could benefit from this article, please share.I appreciate it!

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