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The #1 Difference Between Legends & Lazy Bums

Legends aren't born on the internet or on stages.

They're born the moment they make a very specific decision.

Without this decision, even Muhammad Ali himself would have wound up working a typical 9-5 job making typical money doing typical things. But, he didn't end up doing that. Muhammad Ali was anything but typical. He's a legend.


What is this decision? And why am I calling it the most important decision you'll ever make in your life?

Because if you don't make this decision, you'll practically guarantee your life will stay the same, just as it is. No more clients, no more free time, no more focus, no more productivity, no more passion, no more creativity, no more business, no more love, no more money than you have right now.

If that's cool with you, you do not need to read any further. This post isn't for you.

Otherwise, this could be the most important post you ever read.

Here it is:

The #1 difference between the legends and the people who simply idolize legends is…

The decision to take the actions out in the world they need to take, to do the inner work that needs to be done, and to never give up.

Every great athlete, world leader, entrepreneur, and executive makes this decision.

They commit.

Can you imagine if Muhammad Ali hadn't committed himself to the training it took to become the greatest boxer to have ever lived?

Or, if Steve Jobs had given up and quit after he got fired from Apple?

The world would be a different place.

I want to ask you something, but first let's run through it one more time. Make the decision to…

  1. Take the actions out in the world you need to take to achieve your goals.
  2. Do the inner work and personal growth necessary to rise up.
  3. Never, ever give up.

Now, my question to you is…

Are you in?

Let me know in the comments below.

Big Love,

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