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Power Beliefs That Will Skyrocket Your Signup Rates

I believe there are two things that keep coaches from being able to get clients. I’m going to share one of them with you now and that’s confidence. When a coach lacks rock solid confidence, it causes them to:

  • Second-guess their impact on clients
  • Doubt themselves and their coaching
  • Worry they won't be able to sign up clients, or that there won't be enough clients

Instead of feeling these things, I want you to have confidence. Confidence in yourself, your coaching, and in the universe to provide for you and to give you the strength you need to make a difference for your clients.

There are a few easy, sure-fire ways to gain total confidence and one of those is with *power beliefs*. When you adopt these beliefs, your coaching confidence goes up.

Here’s the first power belief I want to share:

“My presence in and of itself makes a difference for people.”

Regardless of your training, your experience, or your skills, you are an environment that works magic. There’s something about being able to hold the space, the structure and the environment for clients that makes a huge impact. You can plug any coach in there and it’s going to make a big impact for people.

The impact is then magnified when you’re present, in the moment, and right there with the client.

Your presence – there’s something magical, spiritual, powerful about being present.

Simply put, there’s a power that comes from presence.

I’m going to pause here for now. I don’t want to overload you. I want each one of these power beliefs I share with you to really soak in, so you can see the transformational results happen fast.

Your sign up rate will skyrocket and people will be able to sense something in you that they want more of. Be sure to check out next week’s post. I’m going dive into another power belief that will not only skyrocket your confidence but will really shape your perspective on every new client you meet.

What do you think so far? Pretty simple, but it will take practice.

Action Steps:
Over the next 7 days, allow this power belief to soak into your system.
Use it as a reminder before emailing a client, sending out any marketing materials, going to networking events and especially before doing an intro coaching session.

Big Love,

ps. I’m on a mission to get the world coached. If you want to help others gain total confidence, share this post with them.

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