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Power Beliefs That Will Skyrocket Your Signup Rates: Part 2

One of the biggest reasons why coaches don’t get clients or don’t get as many clients as they want is lack of confidence. When you are a confident coach, two major things will happen…

  • You will start to expect great things to happen for your clients and then your expectations will rub off on your clients. This will cause them to be much more likely to get results.
  • It will help you sign up more coaching clients. When you feel more certain that you can deliver the goods and you feel more certain that they’re going to say yes to hiring you, and that they should say yes to hiring you for their own benefit, you just sign up more clients.

I remember in my early days a lot of my doubts and fears as a coach used to rub off. It definitely tainted the coaching because I wasn’t willing to push clients a little bit more, or confront them sometimes on some of their behaviors. That's why it's important to get a handle on this by building up your confidence.

There are plenty of ways to do so including through, “power beliefs”.  In part 1 of Power Beliefs That Will Skyrocket Your Signup Rates, I gave you a power belief that really works.

Now, I’m about to give you two more…

#1 – “Destiny brought us together.”

Believe that you are supposed to be working with your clients or prospective clients. Even if they don’t hire you in that moment, believe that destiny brought you together. You’re going to grow from working with that client and the client is going to grow from working with you. I believe there are no accidents, so if somebody comes to you it’s because it was meant to be for that moment.

#2 – “Results are inevitable.”

Believe that if someone hires you because they want to lose weight, grow their business, turn their child’s behavior around, get into a relationship, or for whatever reason they hire you, it’s inevitable that they’re going to get the results they want.

Results are inevitable IF they do 2 things….

  • keep taking action and refining their approach
  • work on their inner game

If they keep at it long enough, the results they want are inevitable. This doesn’t mean you have to deliver results for them. You just facilitate the growth and change.

Action Steps:

Just like before, I recommend you take these action steps…

For the next 7 days, allow these power beliefs to take root and soak in. Say them to yourself before reaching out to a new prospect, sending out any marketing materials or going to a networking event.

This is important for successfully starting a coaching business or growing a coaching business.

Please take a moment to share this with others who may need it. Also, let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Big Love,

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