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How To Use Birdseed To Get Clients

Thinking back a few years ago on a trip I took to Costa Rica, I remember this remarkable lesson I learned about getting clients.

It was my last day of vacation there and I was sitting in the “Plaza De La Cultura” watching people feed the birds.

I couldn't help but remember how the children chased after all the birds trying to catch them.

Almost every kid between age 3 and 7 eventually started to chase the birds. It was quite amusing because *the birds always ran away*! But, then I recall watching the adults interacting with the birds and noticed something fascinating…

The adults did not chase the birds. They would toss a few seeds (of un-popped popcorn kernels) and *the birds would come to them*. And, in some cases, they would hop up into their hand and eat right out of their hand! (hint: that’s what we want our potential clients to be doing, right?)

Here are 3 insights from what I watched for you to apply to your coaching business:

#1) When you chase anyone, their instinctive reaction is to run away. Even when you chase them with something they want! The kids had bags of food in their hands and the birds still ran. Just like you have the solutions to so many things your potential clients might be facing, you can still make them run away. The more we chase, the less we catch! True for birds. True for potential clients.


#2) When you toss out a few tasty bits, you start attracting to the point of having them eating out of the palm of your hand. As coaches we can offer many “tasty bits”:

  • a free coaching session (if done correctly)
  • a free report or opt-in offer (on a topic your potential clients care about)
  • a free tele-class or workshop (again, that clients want to learn about)
  • a newsletter (or weekly tip sheet, or e-zine)

This isn’t some trick. If you have something of value to offer and your potential clients see this, they’ll move closer to you because they want more. This isn’t manipulation, it’s human nature! (Or animal nature, because it’s just as true for the birds 🙂

But, here's the kicker…

#3) When the kids watched the adults making this strategy work, they tried to do the same thing… only better. Instead of offering a few “tasty bits”, they dumped out a huge handful of food all over the ground.

What happened was very surprising! The birds were overwhelmed. They moved on to other people to try to get food from someone else even though there was “all you can eat” right in front of them!

When you give too much away, you can overwhelm people and get few, if any, to jump into your palm.


Don't chase clients.

Don't overwhelm them.

And, only give out a few tasty “tidbits” at a time.

Follow these steps and clients will happily flock to you.

Now, say it with me — “Let's get people coached!”

Big Love,

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