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How Fears Can Cost You Clients, Money, Success, and Happiness

Is there something you know you need to do to get coaching clients, but you’re not doing it?

Maybe it's…

  • Attending a networking event
  • Making follow up calls to people you met at a networking event

Or perhaps it's…

  • Making cold calls (yes, some coaches do this and get a lot of clients from it)
  • Calling past clients to see if they want to work with you again
  • Asking for the sale at the end of your free session

If so…

Have you ever wondered if underneath it all it’s FEAR that keeps you from taking action?

That fear can show up as a tightness in your body, or a pit in your stomach, when you think about doing certain things to grow your business. This feeling – this fear – can keep you paralyzed and stuck.

I’m going to tell you how to overcome your fears so you can get back on the fast track to quickly ramping up your revenue, but first let me ask you this:

Do you think your lack of action on certain activities is hurting your revenue? Is it effecting your confidence?

If so, you’re not alone. Most coaches, even very successful ones, deal with this, myself included.

I used to have a lot of fears standing in my way…

  • Fears of not being a good enough coach
  • Fears that my clients were going to leave at any minute

I was also…

  • Afraid to make cold calls
  • Afraid of potential clients saying ‘no’ to hiring me

…but not anymore.

I’ve developed a step by step way to clear out fear so you can be unstoppable in your life and business. It’s called the Peace Process (because it eliminates fear and brings you to peace). I’m going to share some of the most important steps of the Peace Process with you below so you can get started on the path of creating all that you desire.

The most important thing to acknowledge is that everything we are afraid of are feelings. Either physical feelings (like getting hit on the head, falling off of a building, etc.) or emotional feelings (like shame, rejection, embarrassment, etc.).

Everything you’re afraid of happening is actually your fear of feeling what will arise for you when that happens. For example, if you are afraid of calling an old client to see if she wants to start working with you again, you may actually be afraid of how you would feel if she says ‘no’ (rejection). Or you could be afraid you’d be bothering her which might make you feel ashamed.

When we feel an emotion that is uncomfortable we usually to push it away, either by distracting ourselves (with food, television, etc.) or by suppressing our feelings.

Instead of resisting our feelings, we must embrace them. Then we can clear them and be free of them. This is the secret to how and why the Peace Process is so effective.

Here’s how you can overcome fear so you can get back into action with growing your business:

Step 1: Think about an action you know you need to do, but you just aren’t doing it. Imagine doing it and notice where in your body the feeling is the strongest.

Step 2: Give that feeling all of the space, energy, and love that it needs to live, breathe, and grow…yes, grow! What we resist persists… especially uncomfortable feelings. Let go of the resistance.

Step 3: Keep your attention on the most intense part of the feeling and focus on the ‘bull’s-eye’ inside the feeling where it’s even more intense. Do this until the feeling has had enough of you and leaves you.

Important Note: This process will likely resolve your fear completely. Sometimes there are layers… you may have a feeling in your heart or chest and then after it clears there could be another one in your solar plexus (or somewhere else). Continue until you think about the activity and it feels totally peaceful.

Now you have the power to break through anything that is standing in your way. Your chances of being a wildly successful professional coach have just increased.

Please give this process a go. It can take some practice or you might get it on the first try. Don’t let anything stand between you and all the people who need your coaching.

Let’s get more people coached.

Comment below and let me know what action you’re going to take to get coaching clients after you use this 3-step process.

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