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2 Hard Mistakes Coaches Make When Creating An Info Product

You've got something inside of you that you'd like to teach others, but are too nervous that it’s been done before….

Or, you have something that you’d like to share with EVERYONE – doesn’t really matter who they are.

These are two mistakes that I see happen with coaches when they’re getting ready to make an info product. They’re hard mistakes too because they can cause you to lose customers and lose out on a great income source for your business.

Last time, I shared with you three reasons why every coach should have at least one info product. If you remember, I shared that it was a great way to make a lot of money, help a lot more people, and earn a passive income.

With all of the winning reasons to create an info product,  you want to make sure that you don’t sabotage your efforts by making the mistakes above.

Here’s a little more detail about the two major mistakes most coaches make when they’re creating their info products.

Mistake #1 – Thinking that there is nothing new to teach.

A lot of times coaches believe that either:

  1. A lot of people already know what they know: You may believe because you know about a certain subject matter that everyone knows about it.
  2. That your audience is more sophisticated than you are: This ties in with the one above. We believe that because we are advanced, and that we already have ideas about something that everyone else has it.
  3. That someone is already doing what they are doing: There may be people teaching something similar to what you teach, but there’s something about you that makes your processes unique. Same as with your coaching. There is probably someone coaching in the same area that you’re coaching in, but everyone won’t be drawn to that person. They will be drawn to you.

How to fix this: Always assume that your audience is full of beginners and that they know way less than you do. Assume that no one else can teach it like you can. This will prevent you from trampling on your own ideas.

Mistake #2 – Not being specific enough about the audience that you’re teaching to.

Most coaches have a hard time narrowing their niche and an even harder time narrowing the niche they want to target their product to.

How to fix this: If you create an info product, don’t try to capture everyone. Because there are so many people online, you’ll do better talking to a very specific audience. If you teach moms who’ve had two or more children how to get their pre-baby body back, that’s better to target than just women who want to lose weight. You’ll increase your chances of attracting the right people who are searching for an answer to a specific problem already.

If you notice, people are always using video or always listening to audio on a tablet or smart phone. By creating an info product, you are getting into a market that is already familiar with consuming information this way. But, if you make the mistakes above you risk the possibility of  either a) losing out on a great coaching business opportunity, or b) wasting all your efforts.

I encourage you to start seeing what valuable information you could be teaching and how you can turn it into a lucrative addition to your business.

I think you'll also benefit from watching this video on how you can take your idea and turn into a teaching program in your business. You’ll see how to organize your ideas into a good to honest product that you can offer your clients.

What ideas do you have for creating an info product in your business? You probably have a few ideas…

Share below!

Big Love,

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