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What If A Coaching Prospect Doesn’t Call Back?

Have you ever had a situation where a potential client that once seemed interested in your coaching suddenly stops responding to your calls and emails?

Do prospects sometimes ask for your contact information during a conversation but don't follow-up with you?

If you want to make situations like this a thing of the past, the key is to focus on the inner-game of confidence.

Your level of confidence in what you do as a coach and in your ability to help people solve their problems is directly related to whether people will hire you for coaching or not.

Think about it for a second.

If you went to a mechanic or a doctor, and they didn't seem to know the answers to your challenges or they'd fumble around using weak solutions on how to fix your problems, you probably wouldn't hire them either.

So, here's a 5 step system on how to increase your confidence with clients immediately, and get hired a lot more…

  • Find out what they want – Do this by asking clear questions about their goals and what solving their problem will do to improve their situation.
  • Find out what their challenges are – You'll have to coach them through this and help them see many of the invisible challenges they're facing. Sometimes clients have many challenges that they themselves are not aware of.
  • Explain your coaching system – Explain clearly why your system is so effective and if possible how you've helped other people solve their challenges or even similar challenges if applicable.
  • Create a bridge between Step 1 and 2 – Explain clearly how your coaching will help them solve the challenges you discovered in Step 2 and how you'll help them get what they described in Step 1. This step is critical for the client seeing the value in your coaching.
  • Make an irresistible offer – Package your coaching into an irresistible offer that they can’t help but say ‘yes’ to.

Go through these steps over and over with future prospects and you'll get better at helping people understand why your coaching is ultra-valuable.

As a result you'll build unshakable confidence in your coaching, as well as the client's confidence that your coaching will truly help them.

Here's to your success!

Big Love,

ps. I want to know what you think. Please share in the comments below!

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