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[Exercise] How to Have More Abundance Right Now

How fast abundance can manifest in our lives is pretty amazing, especially when you learn how to release the things that are blocking abundance.

We are literally swimming in oceans of abundance of love, of money, of success, of time. We have everything that we need. But we don’t necessarily always feel abundant. We don’t feel the wealth abundance.

One of the things that can block us from abundance is comparing ourselves to other people. “Oh, there are these rich people, and they have all this stuff.” If you stop and appreciate what you have right now, you are rich. The more you can own the identity of being rich, the richer you’re going to become.

Gratitude is one of the secrets to getting millions. The more grateful you are, the more you appreciate, the more you’re going to get, the more you’re going to receive. More gratitude, more abundance.

Got that?

So what are you grateful for today?

This simple yet powerful practice opens the floodgates for even more abundance.

Big Love,

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