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60 Second Trick Will Help You Land Clients After A Fumble

Do you ever fumble the ball, so to speak, when you're talking to potential clients? It may happen right at the beginning of your session. Or, it could happen somewhere in the middle. If you ever run into this kind of situation where you fumbled your way through, then you’re going to love this…

You’re about to learn how to immediately bounce back in ANY situation, so that you can know how to maneuver during those critical moments where your reputation depends on it.

But if you're not willing to try it right now, your mind will intellectualize what you’re about to learn and dismiss it. You won’t ‘get’ it in a way that will translate into results unless you practice what I’m about to share at least 1 time right now.

Ready? Here it goes.

The 60 Second ‘Power’ Exercise

Step 1:

Settle into your posture the way you would be if you were sad. Do it right now. Then put the expression on your face that you would have if you were sad right now.

How do you feel? A little sad?

Step 2:

Stand up (really do this right now) and shake your body out. Then, stand tall and upright with your head up high and a confident expression on your face! The kind of expression you’d have it you were thinking, ‘That’s right, I’m the best!’ ‘I rock!’

Notice how you feel now. Don’t you have more energy and confidence now than you did when you were in the first position?

Step 3:

(This step is only for those who want *wild success* and are willing to step
into the outrageous zone to do it). Jump up and down as if you just hit a grand slam home run to win the world series. Do it! (and remember to make the wooo-hooo noises!)

How amazing do you feel now?!!

How Your Body Creates Confidence 

Your body can tell your mind how to feel. When you move your body in a way that creates confidence, you feel confident.

This confidence will carry with you when you are having your initial session with clients so that they are more likely to hire you. It will be with you when you are at networking events and you introduce yourself.

And, it will be a powerful tool for every area of your life.

You’ll only realize the power of this technique if you actually did the exercises above. If you didn’t do it yet, do it now. It only takes 1 minute.

Put it into action. Before a ‘critical’ moment in your business (or life), take a second to move your body in a way that makes you feel great! The more extreme you are in your movements, the bigger the shift in your emotional energy.

Are you still feeling it?

Confidence will get you VERY far with your ability to get clients to hire you
during your free sessions And, it'll take you soaring when you have a great *System For Enrollment* in place…

Here’s a system for you.

  1. Find out what they want.
  2. Find out what their challenges are.
  3. Explain your coaching system.
  4. Create a bridge between the first 2 (above) and your coaching system, so that they can see how your coaching will help them overcome their challenges and reach their goals.
  5. Package your coaching into an irresistible offer that they can’t help but say ‘yes’ to.

What do you think so far? Pretty simple, but it will take practice.

Do this often and watch how you fumble less. And when you do fumble, you have the tools in place to be super powerful and confident immediately.

I want to know what you think. Have you ever fumbled really hard on something when it was super important? What'd you learn from that? Please share with me in the comment box below.

Big Love,

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