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Why Failure Equals Success: How To Mistake Your Way To The Top…

I remember when I first started out in coaching.

I felt horrible when I did an introductory coaching session and the client didn’t sign up to work with me that day.

I wondered if I was a good enough coach. I doubted myself and felt rejected.

There was only so much of this that I could take before I would throw in the towel and quit again.

I did so many things that didn’t work out in the early days of my business.

I failed, failed, failed, and failed some more. It was very tough on me.

But I LOVE coaching. It’s what I was born to do.

So I really had no choice but to pick myself up off the ground and get back in the game.

I went to more networking events. Met more people. Offered more free sessions. And got rejected again and again.

And every once in a while, someone would actually say yes and hire me. Woohoo!! Momentary victories in a sea of failures.

What I didn’t understand at the time was that I wasn’t really failing. I was learning.

I was figuring out how to get clients, how to grow my business, and how to succeed.

If I hadn’t done all of those “failed” intro sessions, I never would have figured out how to get clients to consistently sign up during those sessions.

I never would have developed the formula for signing up clients that’s used by more people in the industry than any other method (called “Free Sessions That Sell”).

When you’re in the thick of it (figuring out how to grow your businesses), everything can seem so black and white. Success or failure. New client or rejection.

However, what’s really happening is that everything you’re doing is really just helping you hone your skills, refine your strategies, and strengthen your resolve.

On any given day, it could seem like you’re failing, but you’re really just learning how to get better and how to be better.

As time goes by you’re becoming a better coach, marketer, sales person, and business leader – all skills you may not have realized you’d need when you started this journey. Skills I didn’t think I’d need but am now extremely grateful to have.

Failing isn't failing. Failing is learning, improving, and getting stronger. Failing is actually succeeding.

Failing is THE PATH to success. “Failures are the bricks that pave the way to success. Failing IS succeeding.

In fact, there is no other way.

Yes, there are short cuts. We can learn from people who have come before us. We can hire coaches, join masterminds, study programs and attend live events (all of which I’m a major fan of).

But even if we learn the best ideas from the best mentors, we’ll still have to implement them and make mistakes along the way.

If you want to help millions of people or make millions of dollars, there’s only one way to do it.

You have to “mistake your way to millions.”

Here are the only 2 real ways people fail:

#1: They give up. 

All of that “failing” is too much for them and they quit.

Never realizing how close they were to massive success and how “worth it” it would be to have a highly successful coaching business doing work they love, making incredible money, making a real difference in people’s lives, being their own boss, and setting their own hours.

Most people quit pretty early on. Or they pretend to still be in business by only doing things that feel safe but will never get them clients (like spending lots of time on social media).

#2: They never get started. 

They think “who am I to be a coach?”

They also feel they're too young, or too old, or not experienced enough, or successful enough, pretty enough, rich enough, smart enough, perfect enough.

They also think to themselves:

–What if it doesn’t work out?

–What if I invest money that doesn’t end up paying off? 

–What will other people say?

Never realizing that no one is ever good enough. That even the best of us still have self doubts and insecurities – that it’s part of being human.

And that clients aren’t looking for a coach that’s perfect. They’re looking for coaches that care and that want to help them and that are naturally inclined to this kind of work.

These coaches also never realize how amazing it would be to have a highly successful coaching business doing work they love, making incredible money, making a real difference in people’s lives, being their own boss, and setting their own hours.

Those are the only 2 REAL failures. Quitting and never getting started.

Everything else means you’re on the right track because you’re in the game and taking action.

You’re learning. You’re growing. You’re figuring things out. Which means you’re succeeding.

Failure = Success

You’ve got this. Go be a total failure like me. Your clients need you. The world needs you. And it’ll be so worth it.

Big Love,

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