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Magic Phrases For Enrolling Clients

Have you ever had a client say they wanted to hire you and then fall off the face of the earth?

This happens to lots of coaches and it used to happen to me.

It’s one of the worst things that can happen to a coach because…

First, you get excited that they said, “yes” and you might even start spending the money in your mind (“great, now I can get my car fixed, and buy that nice new shirt I saw”).


And then…

The new client doesn’t show up for their first session so you call to check in.

Then they give you some excuse as to why it’s better to not work with you after all.

This is the worst feeling because after having gotten your hopes up, now you’re down in the gutter.

I hated when this used to happen to me.

I felt like someone punched me in the gut (especially when I needed the money to make my mortgage payment).

After going through this enough times I noticed something…

I discovered that if the client gives you their credit card info, right on the spot they actually become a ‘real client’ and don’t flake out. But…

Many coaches don’t ask for the credit card info during an intro session.

They might send them a contract and ask them to email it back. They might ask them to mail a check.

Or they never even talk about the money due to some inner fear (I’ve done all of the above).

Getting the credit card info is a must.


Asking someone for their credit card # can feel uncomfortable.

So here’s a *magic phrase* you can use to gently guide people to giving you their credit card info.

After they say, “yes” to working with you, say “great”.

Then schedule your first session. And then say…

“Let me get you entered into the system.”

And then start asking for all of their important information: name, address, email, phone, credit card #, exp. date, etc.

Because the credit card info is just part of the process of “entering them into the system” it feels very natural and it always goes very smoothly.

You see, when you know all of these little tricks of the trade for how to get clients, it can be a LOT of fun.

In fact…

I can remember many times over the years that I’ve literally jumped up and down because I got a new client (usually it’s whenever I’ve raised my fees to an exciting new level).

*** More “Magic Phrases” for enrolling clients ***

Here is another “magic phrase” that will help you get more clients…

Do you ever feel uncomfortable during the intro coaching session when it comes time to talk about hiring you?

If so, here’s a great *magic phrase* to make an easy transition…

“I have a program designed for people with exactly these kinds of goals (that they were talking to you about earlier in the intro session), would you like to hear a little bit about it?”

When you say, “I have a program designed for people with exactly these kinds of goals. Would you like to hear a little bit about it?”

It’s very disarming.

It’s giving them control and the ability to say “no” (although almost no one ever says “no”).


By saying “a little bit”, it sounds very unattached and that you’re not going to be overwhelming them with info.

Try this “magic phrase” to make an easy transition let me know how it goes.

*** The “Magic Phrase” for getting them to decide ***

OK, you’ve learned the “magic phrase” to transition the intro session into a conversation about your coaching.

And once they say “yes”, you have a “magic phrase” that will have them give you their credit card numbers and actually stick with their decision to hire you.


Here’s a “magic phrase” that will make it easy for them to actually decide to hire you on the spot.

It’s a 1,2 punch.

First, you’ve got to give them a guarantee.

I’m not going to explain how to best offer your guarantee in this article, but I’ll tell you this.

Always explain your guarantee RIGHT BEFORE you explain your pricing options.


Because explaining your guarantee takes away most of the fears and objections that prospective clients have about saying, “yes” and getting started.

OK, once you’ve explained your guarantee, now you need to explain your pricing options.

I recommend only having 2 price options and that they are NOT a choice between two different amounts of coaching (2 sessions/month, 3 sessions/month, etc.).

Have the 2 price options be based on something else (like paying monthly or paying in full for 6 months).

Then after you explain your two options you say this “magic phrase”…

“Which option feels like a better fit for you?”

Of course you’ll need to give them silent time to think about it.

Then they will either pick one or they will start asking you questions.

If they ask questions, answer them. If they pick one, use this magic phrase…

“Great. Would you like to schedule our first session?”

These last 2 “magic phrases” are enrollment questions and can occasionally lead to objections.

You'll then answer whatever objections they have and coach them on making the right decision…

…even if they don't end up hiring you.

Now that you have these magic phrases, use them to transition people from prospects to paying clients faster and easier than ever before.

Big Love,

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