How to Skyrocket Your Confidence

Over the years, I’ve found that the two biggest things that keep coaches from being able to get clients are — not having a system for signing clients up (which is why I created my flagship client-getting program, Free Sessions That Sell) and … low confidence. Confidence (or lack of confidence) can be such a […]

Dating Your Niche: How To Pick The Perfect One For Your Business

When it comes to coaching, one of the most important decisions you will make is what niche you’ll market yourself in. This decision is key because it determines who your target market is, and how you will reach them. It’s much harder to reach a general audience than it is to reach a specific group […]

3 Steps a Coach Can Take To 10x Their Influence

As a fellow coach and changemaker, I know you want to make a tremendous difference in the world. You want to have positive influence so you can help create incredible change for people. Influence is one of the most powerful capacities to cultivate, especially as a coach and entrepreneur. You need to have influence in […]

Here’s How Coaches Should Offer Guarantees

How do you set up your coaching offer so getting a “yes” is virtually guaranteed? It actually comes down to effectively using guarantees! Wait, what? Use a guarantee to virtually guarantee people take you up on your offer. That’s right! And I’ll explain how and why it works below… What Stops People From Hiring You […]

5 things that’ll sell your next coaching offer

Getting people to hire you for coaching can be a predictable and fun process, but only if you know exactly what to include in your offer. I see coaches all the time who are good hearted and hard working, but they often hear crickets once they make their offer or talk about the money part. […]

They called me a ‘Moose’! Really?

Growing up, my body was on the ‘chunky’ side. Some relatives would tease me by calling me ‘moose.’ Of course, they were kidding around. I would laugh it off and pretend I didn’t care. Adults may pass off teasing as harmless fun, but deep down, it hurts. We all long to be the popular, good-looking […]

How a Weight Loss Coach Overcame a Common Client Objection

One of my students, Brian, a weight loss coach, was frustrated because he really wanted his family to finally understand the value of his coaching and coaching business. Can you relate? So, he went “all in” and had a bunch of clients book him for a free session. And when faced with the dreaded question: […]

A Proven Method to Ignite Your Coaching Business

Meet Natalya Hramova. She is a health & life coach ready to scale her business. She was unable to make the next move on her coaching business, because she felt overwhelmed. As part of our monthly calls inside Coach Club Premium, we worked together on overcoming these feelings. We also went through the ‘Coaching Triangle’ […]

Shift Your Mindset, Become An Abundance Magnet

Are you afraid to charge, afraid you won’t get any clients, or upset that people aren’t paying you? You talk to people, but they don’t sign up for the amount you want to charge. You feel like you’re charging peanuts, and still they aren’t saying, “Yes, let’s work together.” You must realize that you are […]