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Do You Have Holes In Your Email Marketing?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the money is in the list”?  It’s true, that when you have a big email list you can make a lot of money with the push of a button. But…  Does that mean you can’t make a lot of money with a small email list? ...

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How To Get Other People To Promote You

One way I’ve grown my business (even when I was starting out) was by forming joint venture partnerships.   That’s when you find people who have your audience and they promote you. They can help promote your business, book, session, or live event. ...

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How to network at events and seminars

The truth about networking is that it needs to be done in the right environment for you to get the best results....


[Exercise] How to Have More Abundance Right Now

How fast abundance can manifest in our lives is pretty amazing, especially when you learn how to release the things that are blocking abundance. We ar...


How To Use Rock, Taffy, And Water To Change Your Life

I want to let you in on my best secrets for changing your life in any of these ways…...


[VIDEO] Use This Magic Marketing Technique To Get More Customers

When it comes to marketing and targeting potential customers there are two ways to do it....


What If A Coaching Prospect Doesn’t Call Back?

Have you ever had a situation where a potential client that once seemed interested in your coaching suddenly stops responding to your calls and emails...


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