Marketing Team Leader

NOTE: You do NOT have to live in Miami to join the team.

This is a contractor position and you'll be working from your own home.

We are looking for an innovative and experienced Marketing Team Leader to help drive the Christian Mickelsen brand to the next level so that we can help reach our goal of getting the world coached!

Availability of 35-40 hours per week and more during times of high volume are required for this role.


**Apply ONLY IF…**

⇒ You are in love with all things marketing.

⇒ You are an aggressive learner of new marketing and business topics and are able to apply them to create results and increase revenue, quickly.

⇒ You are detail focused, big picture and bottom line results driven.

⇒ You are a skilled, efficient, generous, and powerful leader.

⇒ You are articulate and an effective communicator, verbally and written, across many modalities.

⇒ You are adept with fast change and adapting strategies on the fly.


**Here's what you'll be doing on our team…**

  • Managing multiple marketing campaigns, launches, internal and partner promotions that help drive the success of the company and create new revenue.
  • Implementing new, innovative, and comprehensive marketing strategies to help grow the Christian Mickelsen empire in the short and long term.
  • Using proven and accomplished skills in marketing, publishing and writing.
  • Guiding a team to research, create, develop and curate digital content across multiple platforms to drive sales, engagement, retention leads and positive customer behavior while seamlessly capturing and communicating the business brand.
  • Creating and implementing multiple avenues for lead generation.
  • Managing and growing existing evergreen campaigns.
  • Measuring and tracking affiliate and partner relationships and results.
  • Making maximum use of the marketing team’s skills, developing those skills, and identifying skill gaps that need to be filled for successful implementation of marketing campaigns.
  • Conducting general market research to keep abreast of trends and marketing movements.
  • Confidently and effectively collaborating, coordinating and interacting with team members across the company.
  • Driving copy, social media, and content marketing teams to deliver consistent delivery of content and promotional materials.
  • Producing ideas for promotional events or activities and organizing them efficiently.
  • Planning and executing campaigns for launching of new products and promotions, etc.
  • Monitoring results, progress and submitting performance reports.


**Optimal Skills…**

Managed multiple marketing campaigns, launches, and internal and partner promotions that have proven to generate millions of dollars.

Proven and accomplished skills in marketing, publishing and writing.

Trained and competent storyteller that draws an audience using words, images, videos, and/or audio.

Ability to jump back and forth seamlessly from big picture ideas and strategies to the specific strategies and processes needed for implementation.

Can drive clarity amidst ambiguity, pro-active and independent initiative taker.

Things don’t get by you. You are detail-oriented and keep people / projects on time.

You are flexible. You recognize that priorities can change.

Understand the power of results and tracking. Results-focused and love learning and testing new online marketing strategies.


**How To Apply…**

Shoot a video and tell us…

1) What excites you most about this role?

2) Why you think you'd be great for this position.

3) Your favorite role you've ever had in Marketing and what you loved about it.

4) Your least favorite job you've ever had (in any industry) and what you didn't like about it.

5) Any specific training or skill sets you have that you think would be extra valuable in this position

Please keep this video to under 3 minutes, post it to YouTube and send the link to: along with a 1-page informal resume/work history.

Place the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line as it applies.

*Please do not mark your video as “Private” as we will not be able to see it.


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