Direct Response Copywriter

NOTE: This is a contractor position and you'll be working from your own home.

Do you consider yourself a meticulous wordsmith, compelling storyteller and click-obsessed scientist? We’re looking to add a direct response copywriter to the Future Force Team who will ensure our marketing messages are clear, captivating and inspire our customers to improve their lives by enrolling in our online programs and coaching.

This is a remote, part-time position with flexible hours. There are 2 days a week when you’ll be expected to attend team meetings. This position will work closely with our Media Buyer, Copy Team Coordinator and Marketing Team Leader.

**Only Apply If…**
Here's what you'll be doing on our team…
Things You Will Need

A cell phone.

A good laptop or computer.

Accountability. You own it all the way down the line.

The confidence to ask for help when you need it and for clarity when you don’t understand (we want you to win and will help you do it).

A great attitude and sense of humor! We all get along, like to have some laughs and fun, and want you to fit right in.

Please do not apply unless you are certain that you will be an awesome Copy Team Member and have the drive, desire, availability, and commitment to excellence to totally ROCK with us.

There will be plenty of opportunities for advancement and we’re only looking for someone interested in sticking around and growing with us.

How To Apply…

Shoot a video and tell us…

1) Why you want to be a part of our team.

2) Why you think you'd be great for this position.

3) Your favorite job you've ever had and what you loved about it.

4) Your least favorite job you've ever had and what you didn't like about it.

5) Any specific training or skill sets you have that you think would be extra valuable in this position (Infusionsoft, FSTS, other)

Please keep this video to under 3 minutes, post it to YouTube and send the link to: along with a 1-page informal resume/work history.

Place the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line as it applies.

*Please do not mark your video as “Private” as we will not be able to see it.

**Other Open Positions…**

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