Shift Your Mindset, Become An Abundance Magnet

Are you afraid to charge, afraid you won’t get any clients, or upset that people aren’t paying you? You talk to people, but they don’t sign up for the amount you want to charge. You feel like you’re charging peanuts, and still they aren’t saying, “Yes, let’s work together.” You must realize that you are […]

🤑💰More money, more problems? 😡

Ever had thoughts like these? I feel like I have so much life experience to give and share, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get paid what I deserve. Having MORE than enough money is somehow scary, unnecessary, and SELFISH. It’s not that I hate money, but I don’t think I trust […]

My New Secret Wealth Mantra

Over the last few months I’ve been using a new “Secret Mantra” that has not only resulted in me tripling my business over the last year, but also makes me feel WAY more gratitude each day… I’ve started saying it all the time – and you might like to try it out too. (Muscle-testing or ‘kinesiology’ […]

#1 Secret To Working Less & Earning More

I made this fascinating video for you that shares the #1 secret to working less and earning more. It has virtually nothing to do with time management and everything to do with a very interesting paradox about time. Check it out and leave a comment below letting me know what you think. Big Love, Christian