High End Selling Secrets
(November 9-11, 2023)

Instant Miracle Mastery
(January 18-21, 2024)

Instant Miracle Mastery II
(April 24-26, 2024)

Instant Miracle Mastery II
(April 24-26, 2024)

Discover how to perform deep healing and miracles that’ll help you attract more of what you want in your life and heal the world. 

Instant Miracle Mastery II will help you get in tune with your inner guidance, put you in alignment with your highest destiny, and become effortlessly attractive to total abundance. 

This is for people who have already taken Instant Miracle Mastery and are ready to immerse themselves in oceans of abundant healing energy.

Instant Miracle Mastery (August 3 - 6, 2022)

Master the 4 powerful healing techniques and help change the world for your friends, family, and even high-paying clients as an extraordinary professional coach and healer.  

Instant Miracle Mastery will help you become one of the most powerful coaches in the world. You’ll be able to help heal and release your client’s inner blocks and barriers so they can get results faster. 

You’ll discover how to coach in a way that’s so powerful your ideal, high end clients will send you everyone they know.

Live Limitless (December 7-9, 2022)

What if you could get what you want without having to wait years and years to get it?

What if you could also get rid of your biggest worries and be happy most of the time?

Live Limitless will help you live beyond your wildest dreams so you can fulfill your greatest life’s purpose. 

You’ll be able to rapidly release limitations keeping you from being your best self and living your best life. You’ll also be able to get exactly what you want in every area of your life faster than ever before

Coaching Business Empire (Date TBA)

Discover how to create a coaching business that allows you to make a big difference in the world while allowing you to live a lucrative lifestyle. 

Christian will reveal how he built a seven-figure coaching business empire so you can follow in his footsteps effortlessly. 

You’ll discover how to go beyond 1-on-1 coaching and group coaching by discovering how to write #1 best-selling books, lead sold-out live events, create blockbuster online training programs, and run high end masterminds.

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