“Yes! I’m Ready To Develop My Coaching Skills To Almost Super-Human Levels While Becoming A High End Client Attracting Machine…”

  • I understand that I will master “The Extraordinary Coach Methodology”, to learn what to say and do during my coaching sessions to make each one worth thousands of dollars.
  • I understand that I will get trained in “The Instant Miracle™ Technique” and learn how I can instantly release my client’s biggest inner blocks that are sabotaging their attempts to change their lives.
  • Not only will I also clear my own “blocks” before leaving the event, I’ll have these tools to continue to heal myself and my clients as “stuff” comes up for the rest of my life. I will be certified as an “Instant Miracle™ Coach” before I leave the event.
  • I understand that I will also be trained at the event and receive additional certifications in the following modalities before I leave the event: “Peace Process,” “Ultra High-Frequency Energy Healing”, “Muscle Testing” and “Extraordinary Coach”.

Instant Miracle™ Mastery Live Event Value: $10,000.00


Plus, when you register now, you also get these SPECIAL bonuses worth $27,000.00…

Ticket to Instant Miracle™ Mastery $10,000.00
Bonus #1: Instant Miracle™ Healing And Abundance Vault $10,000.00
Bonus #2: 1 Year Membership to Instant Miracle™ Masters Association* $5,000.00
Bonus #3: 1:1 Instant Miracle™ Healing Session $2,000.00
TOTAL VALUE $27,000.00

*There is a $499 annual fee that renews automatically each year.


FAST ACTION BONUS: The first 7 people to register can bring a guest for free.

“YES, CHRISTIAN! I’m Ready To Develop My Skills To Almost Super-Human Levels While Becoming An Abundance Attractor…”


The Instant Miracle™ Mastery Guarantee

You will be absolutely thrilled to learn these powerful coaching and healing techniques or your money back.

If after attending the entire first 3 days, you don’t absolutely love what you’re learning and all of the healing happening, just let my team know before the end of the third day and you can leave the event with a full refund.

Note: You won’t receive your certifications, and you’ll need to return all materials.