Use This Proven System To Sign Up One Dream Client After Another
And Grow Your Business Like Crazy…

“Christian Mickelsen’s ‘client enrollment’ process was instrumental in being able to quit my full time job and grow my coaching business from just $500/month to a 6 figure income in less than a year.”

~ Susan Epstein

  • Learn the SPECIFIC steps it takes to get a client to sign up with you, from start to finish.
  • Get the proven script that tells you the EXACT words to say to sign up clients right now.
  • Listen in on REAL SESSIONS where people signed up and happily paid between $10K – $60K to work with me & my team.
  • Discover how you can get more clients in the next month than you have all year.

Why Do People Struggle To Sell Coaching…? Because without this system, coaching is hard to describe and even harder to explain the value of…

…That is, until now. Once you start using the Free Sessions That Sell process, clients will want to hire you – right on the spot. And they’ll be willing to pay much higher fees than you’ve even thought of charging… And some clients will even pay for 6 months or a year of coaching up front. I think you’ll love it when that happens!

“Does Your Track Record With Free Sessions Look Like This…”

If you’ve given free coaching sessions to a lot of people, you’ve probably helped a lot of people with these free coaching sessions. But, if you’re like most coaches, you’re working your butt off trying to have a really powerful coaching session hoping that the potential client will “see” what a great coach you are and decide to hire you. In fact…

Do you sometimes have such a great session that you actually solve whatever challenge they brought up during their free session and they still don’t hire you? Or do you have a regular, solid coaching session, but they just don’t see the long term impact that ongoing coaching would create? Well guess what . . .

Either way, you spend 30 minutes or an hour of your time (or dare I say 2 hours!!), but you walk away with remarks like “I’ll think about it”. Do you rarely end up getting any clients from all of your efforts?

But you think, “maybe it’s not so bad” because . . .

At first, you figure “I’m getting coaching practice” and keep at it, but eventually you start to wonder:

Is there really a market for coaching?

. . . Do people ever really pay those fees most coaches seem to be charging?

Are the only real clients other coaches? Or . . .

. . . (the worst one) If I can’t get clients, I’m not really that good of a coach?

You may have even heard that you shouldn’t give away free coaching sessions at all. “The initial session should be a paid session” some people recommend.

And maybe you even tried charging for your initial session, but got few takers with that approach (or more likely none) and now you may be about to throw in the towel and give up.

How do you know if this program is right for you?

You want to make more money as a coach

You want to coach more people

You want your life to be a lot easier

Free Sessions That Sell is right for you if you want to…

  • Skyrocket your coaching income
  • Feel totally and completely comfortable discussing fees and accepting payments
  • Gain confidence in your coaching abilities (because you won’t be wondering if you’re good enough any more)
  • Feel relieved that you actually make money from coaching
  • Get clients hiring you – right on the spot (no more “I’ll think about it and get back to you later”)
  • You can finally start enjoying the financial fruits of earning more money like buying a new car or taking a much needed vacation!

And if you’re new to coaching… Free Sessions That Sell will keep you from making this big mistake…

Some people teach you to coach people for free when you’re just getting started so you ‘gain experience.’ I did this myself when I started, and it ended up having a negative effect on my coaching…

I found that people who didn’t pay didn’t tend to show up, almost never did the work, weren’t really invested in the coaching process and ultimately made bad clients, BUT…

…The whole time I was left thinking I wasn’t a good coach because they weren’t getting results.

On the other hand, when I started signing up real, paying clients, they were great! They did the work, they were invested, they got amazing results and I got better and better at coaching & my confidence as a coach sky-rocketed.

If you’re concerned you might need to improve your skills as a coach, or if you want to get better at coaching, I’m including an amazing special bonus – our Coach Training Program, Rapid Coaching Academy (see the bonuses listed below…)

You Really Can Help A Lot Of People With Your Coaching & Start Making BIG MONEY If You Know How To Have “Free Sessions That Sell”

Have you ever felt “weird” during your free coaching session when it came time to wrap up your free session and start to talk about hiring you and asking them to pay you? I know I have! No one likes to “SELL”, and more people don’t like to be “sold” (although people do love to buy things…especially something that will be of tremendous help to them).

Once I developed this step-by-step system it took away all the discomfort. Asking for the money became easy and natural.

When you use the “Free Sessions That Sell” formula, you will feel “rock-solid” about talking to potential clients about how you work, how coaching works, and why they should hire you right now – and, you can get rid of that uncomfortable feeling once and for all!

Are You Ready To Start Signing Up More Clients?

  • Master the introductory coaching session
  • Get more ideal, high-paying clients
  • Build your dream coaching business with ease


Member Portal

What does the Free Sessions That Sell System include?

Module 1


  • Get an overview of the entire system with every specific question to ask potential clients (they’re simple, yet super POWERFUL!)
  • Discover how to get everyone wanting a session with you in the first place (without this important piece, you’ll have the ability to sign up a high-paying client, but without anyone on the other end of the phone!)
  • The powerful “superhero” coach mindset that makes everyone want to work with you by the time you’re done with the session.


Get an overview of the entire system with specific questions to ask potential clients (they’re simple, yet super POWERFUL!)

Module 2


  • Experience the power and benefit that your clients will go through, by letting me take you through a virtual Free Session That Sells. When you experience how powerful and beneficial it is to go through these questions, you’ll be excited to gift this to other people
  • Understand the mindset behind why we ask certain questions the way we do and why each question is so powerful the way it is – without you ever needing to worry about ‘tweaking’ the script
  • Why I recommend always using Free Sessions That Sell during your first coaching session with someone, even if they’ve somehow already hired you (Hint: this is by far the most powerful way to discover their model of the world)

Module 3


  • How to get your potential client to see the ‘big picture’ and the ultimate vision for the area of life you’re working on (if this isn’t crystal clear, they have no reason to hire you).
  • How to find out what your potential clients really, really, *really* want (and it may not be what you think – or even what they think)
  • How to show them the impact having what they want will have in their life (this really brings it home, and makes the changes they want to make feel ‘real’)

Module 4


  • Uncover the challenges standing in their way (including the hidden challenges that are sabotaging their success)
  • How to help people become aware of the impact these challenges are having on their life and will continue to have on their life if they don’t get help
  • How to take your clients deeper than they’ve ever been before, whether they’re a personal development veteran or new to this kind of deep introspection

Module 5


  • The biggest mistake almost all coaches make when they try explaining coaching & the exact timing for when to talk about your coaching & exactly how to explain it
  • Never have a potential client leave the conversation “confused” about what coaching is – they’ll know what you offer and be very excited about the possibility of hiring you to be their coach
  • The best way to package and structure your coaching for maximum impact on clients and maximum income for you

Module 6


  • How to completely eliminate the “I’ll think about it” or “let me ask my spouse” responses to virtually zero – this way you won’t have to waste energy trying to ‘chase’ clients after the session (…which usually makes them want to run from you!)
  • Make potential clients feel comfortable being enrolled into having you be their coach (So that they never feel like they are being pressured)
  • How to get all your potential clients to feel totally peaceful, happy and solid about their decision whether it’s a ‘Yes!’ or ‘No!’ and how to coach them through any irrational fears they might have about hiring you

PLUS! Sign Up Now and Receive These Bonuses…


During these powerful, game-changing Group Coaching Calls we will…

  • Tackle the most common real-life challenges that might come up when you’re doing Free Sessions
  • Work on your ‘inner game’ and blast through confidence issues that might be sabotaging your Free Sessions and stopping you charging what you’re worth
  • Brainstorm how you can generate a load of Free Sessions, based on your current situation
  • Role-Play with me what happened in a session that didn’t go the way you wanted so every session you have is perfect
  • Anything else you need to rock your Free Sessions and transform your business & your life.

Yours Free As A Member of “Free Sessions That Sell”

Group Coaching Call Phone
Client Call Recordings


Listen in on recordings of 5 actual intro sessions with clients who signed up for $12K-$60K coaching packages.

  • See FSTS in action.
  • Discover subtle nuances that will sky-rocket your conversions.
  • Hear how to overcome objections without putting any pressure on clients.


  • 2 students recorded their FSTS as I listened in
  • I shared little distinctions in phrasing to help make clients feel open & connected and to avoid making clients feel closed, defensive, or resistant
  • Many people feel like they learned how to do FSTS just from listening to this audio
Role Play Audio
You Also Get These Mega Bonuses


How to double or triple your income with group coaching, tele-classes, tele-courses, & webinars

In this powerful, two-part training program, discover more ways to get clients, grow your income, and help more people via tele-classes, workshops, webinars, group coaching programs, and tele-courses. In this program, you’ll discover…

  • How to make more money per hour while actually charging LESS
  • How you can get more clients by enrolling them into group coaching as a lower priced alternative to your 1 on 1 coaching (without talking people out of hiring you for 1-on-1 coaching)
  • How to effectively lead group coaching programs, tele-classes, tele-courses, & webinars
  • How to capture more potential clients from every free coaching session you offer
Group Coaching Goldmine Box
Get Clients From Deal Sites Box


Fill your coaching practice & generate a waiting list of coaching clients – in less than a week!

This in-depth, step-by-step, game-changing training program will cover…

  • How to use Amazon and other major websites to literally sell your coaching for you and pass you clients, and mail you a check at the same time
  • Where you can find these “deals sites” with enormous email lists that will happily promote your coaching business
  • Exactly what to offer on any deals sites, and what NOT to offer so they say “Yes!” to promoting you, even if they’ve already said “No” to other people offering the same coaching service
  • How to handle the sudden influx of coaching clients this will generate and what to do when you have “too many” potential coaching clients (NOTE: this is important – one student got 326 coaching clients from 1 email blast!)
  • and much, much more…


In this powerful online training program, you will…

  • Know how to use the 5 Step Client Breakthrough System to help clients get results fast
  • Know for certain that your coaching is worth the high fees ($1000’s per month) your new clients will be paying you
  • Get access to the “First 5 Sessions”, outlines to guide you in coaching your clients to achieve all the major goals they might have (in every major niche market)
Rapid Coaching Academy
Client Attraction & Money Making Mastery


In this powerful online training program, you will…

  • Have an exact system for finding clients and growing your email list
  • Have copy and paste templates that you can use as they are (or you can customize them with your coach and make them your own – either way, half your work is done for you)
  • Know where to find and how to win over folks that can pass you loads and loads of clients


Open the floodgates of love, health, money, and happiness with this 3-day live event.

  • Identify and release your biggest blocks to love, health, and wealth
  • Instantly install new, divinely powerful beliefs about love, health, and money
  • Heal and forgive yourself so you can return to your natural state of innocence with an open heart, open mind, and open the floodgates of prosperity
Instant MIracle Experience Event Ticket

Start Signing Up Clients

What are students saying?

Thuy Tran

Thuy Tran
Transformation Coach

It’s officially time to celebrate… credit card swiped and money in the bank! Two clients at $1000 per month each and two new clients at $1250 per month each in the last three weeks.

Dean Mignola

Dean Mignola
Business Coach

I just did my first real FSTS and it was amazing! I sat down with them this morning, and I could feel them warming up as we talked about their goals and challenges.

I loved asking if they’d like to know more before I explained how coaching works. Brilliant strategy Christian! When we got to pricing, it was effortless. $800/month for 6 months! The second client with that offer. Whoo hoo!

Pamela Cournoyer

Pamela Cournoyer
Communicate With Class

I have always felt sales scripts were contrived, patronizing and demeaning. Once I was taken through a FSTS script I threw that belief right out the window. Then after giving the FSTS script a half chance I saw people respond positively to my inquiries and I started to see where they needed me. Then I got braver and followed the script to a “T”, I signed people up to work with me at rates I had only dreamed of before. It doesn’t get better than that.

Howie Jacobson

Howie Jacobson
Author of “Adwords for Dummies”

Within 2 weeks of studying Christian’s ‘Free Sessions That Sell’ program, I signed up 5 new clients at $1,300/month (for a total of $78,000 for the year). Plus, I only spoke with 7 potential clients.

Before FSTS I didn’t really know how to talk to potential clients and show them why it’s worth what I charge. Now I know exactly what to say and do during an intro conversation to get the client to hire me so that I can do what I love – which is help them.

Anne Marie Sebastiani

Anne Marie Sebastiani
Creative Living Coaching

Free Sessions That Sell helped me hone my perfect niche, learn how to speak the language of my clients and help my clients get powerful results. Before I was using FSTS I had no real structure for signing up clients. I was doing 6 week programs at a time, which meant I had to get “new” clients every 6 weeks. Not really sustainable. Now I have clients that work with me for 6 months to a 1 year. At first I wanted to make the script my own, but then I realized how powerful it is, as is, and that’s when I started signing up client after client. Now I let FSTS do the work for me!

Terry McIntosh

Terry McIntosh

Yeah Baby! Got my first client with FSTS! What a weight off my shoulders. I’m super pumped up and can’t wait to have my next session!

Cora Whittington

Cora Whittington
Leadership and Life Coach

I remember distinctly a phone call with Christian. He asked me for a financial goal. I had never consciously thought of one and I told him $100,000. My total coaching income was $7,605 for the year, cobbled together by one-off coaching sessions at $75 to $100 per session. Through Christian, I learned what questions to ask and how to structure the free session. Now it is now pretty much up to me whether I want a particular client because most people want to hire me at the end of the session. And my happy clients send more. I was doing the bookkeeping and there it was – $100,419.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Free Sessions That Sell for?

    • You’re ready to change the world with your coaching and just need to the right tools to start signing up clients.
    • You want to stop living by trial and error and get a proven system built by someone who’s already been where you are.
    • You want the specific, time-tested scripts and emails that will land you more high-paying clients.
    • You want a legitimate, income-producing coaching business built on a repeatable and reliable process.
  • Who is this training not for?

    • “I’m afraid to invest money to make my dreams a reality… even for a proven system with a long list of happy customers.”
    • “I want to put in zero effort, even if the Free Session That Sell system is super easy to implement and see results from.”
    • “I’m just looking for a get rich quick scheme and don’t have anything valuable to offer my clients.”
    • You enjoy the daily struggle and want to continue expending a lot of time and energy figuring it all out.
  • What specifically will I learn from this course?

    • You will learn to speak the clients language so you can reach them and help them.
    • You will understand how to get clients to invest in your coaching without ever feeling “salesy.”
    • You will learn the exact steps you need to take to sign up more clients today.
    • You will discover the subtle technique shifts that will take your prospective clients from “maybe” to “absolutely.”
  • Do I have to complete the course within a certain amount of time?

    • You’ll have lifetime access to this entire program and you can take as long as you want to go through it.  We recommend going through the course right away so you can start getting clients immediately, but the pace is really up to you.
100% Zero Risk Unconditional Happiness Guarantee

Your 100% Zero Risk 30-Day

Christian, I’m seriously going to give this program my all. I also understand that I have a generous full 30 days without risk to decide whether or not Free Sessions That Sell is right for me, and that I can ask for a full refund anytime in that 30-day period.

What’s Free Sessions That Sell worth?

Most people spend a fortune on 4 years in college, all in the hope that they’ll get a job at the end of it. In reality if they do get a job it will give them limited upward mobility.

With this program in a few short weeks you can potentially be making more money than you would in a regular job, working far fewer hours.

In the Free Session That Sell program, we teach you how you can sign up clients for $1,000 per month to work with you for a year. If you use this system to sign up only 1 client at that rate you will have already made back 6X Times your investment.

Imagine if you sign up just 1 new client a month? Or 2 clients…?

You can do the math.

Instead of investing what most people do for college, you can get this life-changing program for just…

Plus, If You Choose To Full-Pay, You Get Rock-Star Treatment…

FULL PAY BONUS #1: A Personal, 1-to-1 Business Breakthrough Session

Work with a carefully hand-selected, highly successful coach on my team to help you sky-rocket your success with Free Sessions That Sell. During your session you will…

  • Create a crystal clear vision of your ultimate coaching business and the lifestyle you want it to provide for you & your family
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your Free Sessions and stopping people from signing up with you
  • Get renewed, re-energized & leave the session feeling totally supported & inspired to change the world with your amazing coaching.

Value: $500

FULL PAY BONUS #2: Close-Up Seating At The IMX Event

When you come the Instant Miracle Experience event in August, you’ll get Rock-Star treatment, with reserved seating close to the front of the room, where all the action happens.

Value: $500

FULL PAY BONUS #3: Exclusive PARTY At My House The Night Before IMX

You get to come & hang out with me, my family and close friends and some of my Top Clients.

Plus, you’ll get to hang out with my peers & JV partners who will be at the House Party too – many of whom are ‘Celebrity Gurus’ that you’ve probably already heard of and follow.

Value: $500

Total VIP Package value for the “Full Pay Option”: $1500












Plus these amazing bonuses…















100% Zero Risk Unconditional Happiness Guarantee

Your 100% Zero Risk 30-Day

Christian, I’m seriously going to give this program my all. I also understand that I have a generous full 30 days without risk to decide whether or not Free Sessions That Sell is right for me, and that I can ask for a full refund anytime in that 30-day period.